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a year ago

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First off, we're sorry you're having problems with our badge. We've tried as much as possible to perform QA and confirm that your badge is working before shipping it to you.

If you turn the badge on, and LEDs come on flashing red/green/blue and the screen is white, you probably have a bad screen. We've seen a few fail during shipment.

Please try to fully remove and re-seat the screen in the connector before contacting us. Make sure all pins are in the connector and no pins are bent.

If it's before Dc27, we'll replace the screen until we run out of screens. Contact us at sales@retina.net. Explain your issue to us in detail and we'll work out a replacement or repair solution.

If we run out of screens, or if it's post-DC27, you can get one from our supplier, right here. That link will take you to the ordering screen for DC25 badges (ides of defcon) – don't be alarmed – we're using the screen as we did for DC25, so the hardware will work perfectly. Just remember to move your SD card to the new screen.

If you're having other issues that are not screen related, head on over to our ISSUES section.

Additionally, if you find a software bug, Please open a ticket on our github. That's right here:


John Adams

Published a year ago