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a year ago

Latest Post da Bomb - Badge Post-Mortem by John Adams

Our Badge's MCPU is the Rigado BMD-340.

We use the open source GNU ARM toolchain to build code for the badge, along with openocd for programming and debugging.

You can grab the ARM Toolchain for your platform from their page and you will also need a suitable ARM JTAG/SWD programmer such as the Olimex ARM-USB-OCD-H, plus the latest SD Card (see below) from us.

GNU ARM Toolchain


We connect the Olimex to our badges using a few different parts, typically:

Olimex ARM-USB-OCH-H JTAG debugger ($50):

Olimex JTAG to SWD (Serial Wire Debug) adapter ($5):

Embedded Artists 20 pin to 10 pin adapter ($15):

Another option is to avoid the 20 pin to ten pin adapter entirely and buy this from mouser. It plugs into the Olimex, you plug the 10 pin 1.27mm cable into the badge.

The ARM-USB-OCD-H, ARM-JTAG-SWD and ARM-JTAG-20-10 can be purchased directly from Olimex's website ( or from Mouser Electronics.You should be able to find all 3 products on Mouser's web site at the following link:


Bill has a very nice writeup on how to debug the badge with both the Olimex and the ST-Link hardware JTAG/SWD devices.


Head over to our firmware page to get the latest firmware for your badge!

John Adams

Published a year ago