What is "da bomb"?

#badgelife happens.

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da bomb, Final Prototype

da bomb is a hackable electronic badge loaded with RGB LEDs, stereo audio, LiPo battery, multiplayer radio-based sea battle game, and more, designed for DEF CON 2019 (DC27). It is produced in a limited-edition run of 500 units, hand-assembled in San Francisco and robotically assembled at Macrofab in Houston, Texas.

It was designed by Team Ides (John Adams, Bill Paul, and Egan Hirvela) and assembled by friends over the course of a few weeks of manual labor. It took over a year of work to build, starting with the operating system, and moving up to the schematics and PCB design. Three prototypes were manufactured before the final production run took place.

We rapidly raised about $39,000 to fund this project from Kickstarter and our sponsor, New Context.

If you're unfamiliar with electronic conference badges, they are usually some sort of printed circuit board badge that you wear on a lanyard. They're filled with puzzles, easter eggs, and all of cool toys that hackers love. They also act as a development and educational platform, encouraging people to learn about hardware development and manufacturing.

Badge Hardware Specs

Our board is packed with features! It's a full computer, display, and sound system in a custom bomb-shaped board that's guaranteed to piss off the TSA on the way home.

We've made some serious upgrades since building our first badge in 2017:

Badge Functions

Can I get the design / HW / SW / Build my own?

Yes! The hardware design (KiCad) and software (in C) are fully open sourced. Check the links at the top of this page for more details.

Will you make more?

Probably not! Get them while you can.